The report of the board 2020 is now online. Read all about the year's highlights including events, awards and infos about the work of the BVL boards and how the association handels the Corona pandemic.

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The digital international LOG.letter features articles, reports and infos about the global activities of BVL International. Always an interesting read!

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BVL Report of the Board

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Bestehende Lagerverwaltungssysteme (LVS) gegen ein neues System auszutauschen, stellt für viele Unternehmen einen riskanten Schritt dar. Der Grund: Angst vor Stillständen im laufenden Betrieb. Sie fragen sich: Lohnt sich der Wechsel? Treffen die ...

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Logistics Indicator - Q3 2021

The scores of the respondents for the current business situation, business expectations and therefore also for the business climate are back to the pre-corona levels of 2018 and 2019 – but only if we aggregate the survey findings for the third quarter. The picture is not nearly as bright, however, if we consider the August figures in isolation. BVL President Thomas Wimmer comments on the backgrounds of these latest results.

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