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The report of the board 2019 is now online. Read all about the year's highlight including eventy, awards and infos about the work of the BVL boards.

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The new international LOG.letter features articles, reports and infos about the global activities of BVL International. Always an interesting read!

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BVL Report of the Board

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Die Initiative regt zum Nachdenken an Stehen Sie wieder in den Startlöchern? In den Startlöchern, um dort anzuknüpfen, wo wir vor den COVID-19-bedingten Einschränkungen aufgehört haben? Und was hat ...

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Logistics Indicator - Q1 2020

“Ceteris paribus” and without the need to allow for the upheaval of our social and economic activities as a result of corona the short-term expectations would have shown a slight improvement, particularly in trade and industry. When the findings of the March survey become available, they will paint a bleaker picture

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