The Forum Automotive Logistics 2020 will be held on February 5th and 6th 2020 at the Congress Center in Leipzig, Germany. In accordance with this year's motto "Tearing Down Boundares – Merging Production With Logistics", top-players from all over the globe will discuss new trends and strategies.

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Die ganzheitliche Vernetzung und Automatisierung aller logistischen Prozesse ist einer der meistdiskutierten Lösungsansätze, um auf die stetig steigenden Anforderungen in der Logistik zu reagieren: Just-in-time-Lieferungen, Same-Day-Delivery und ...

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Logistics Indicator - Q3 2019

"We are all rather non-plussed in the face of this economic situation, chiefly because there’s apparently very little we ourselves can do to counter the downtrend. But: We see again and again that success depends on courage. And courage is a combination of self-assurance and decisiveness – an effective antidote to despondency and self-fulfilling prophecies." - Robert Blackburn

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