On April 21st 2022 logistics companies and institutes open their doors to present their essential work to the general public. 

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The report of the board 2021 is now online. Read all about the year's highlights including events, awards and infos about the work of the BVL boards and how the association handels the Corona pandemic.

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BVL Report of the Board

Review, Outlook, Strategy

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Instabile Frachtpreise, wöchentliche oder monatliche Kraftstoffanpassungen, höhere Löhne für Fahrer - das sind die Herausforderungen, denen sich die Transportbranche stellen muss. Das geht aus dem Bericht "Market Insights ON" hervor, einer neuen ...

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Logistics Indicator - Q2 2022

The economic impacts of the pandemic, the war in Ukraine, or perhaps both of these things together, have prompted a clear downturn in the expectations of logistics managers for future business during the next six months. But their assessments of the current business situation are illuminating, with the index score still hovering above “normal” level, albeit only marginally. So, is the future outlook really that bleak?

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