On 10 May, the BVL Ordinary Members Meeting took place at transport logistic trade fair in Munich. The programme also included elections to the board. Once again, high-calibre representatives of the logistics industry were elected to the board.

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Logistics Research is a peer-reviewed open access journal published by BVL. One of the latest articles adresses the energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions arising from logistical activities within the field of road transportation

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Im Herbst war es wieder so weit: Die Expertinnen und Experten der Initiative zur Prognose der Entwicklung des Wirtschaftsbereichs Logistik im Deutschland (Logistikweisen) unter der Schirmherrschaft von Oliver Luksic, MdB, Parlamentarischer ...

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BVL/ifo Logistics Indicator Q3 2023

"Even in the face of the gloomy Logistics Indicator scores, I can already see positive signs. Why is this? It’s partly because the motto of many logistics managers is “Never miss the opportunities presented by a crisis.”, says BVL's president Thomas Wimmer about the results of the Logistics Indcator computed by ifo Institut for the 3rd Quarter.

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