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BVL International is an independent and impartial non-profit association which brings together supply chain managers worldwide. BVL has more than 11,000 members from manufacturing, trade, services and academia. We are delighted with the ongoing expansion of our international network. The global BVL family continues to grow, and now has members in various European countries (such as Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and Poland), in Brazil, China, Russia, Singapore, Turkey, the USA and, most recently, India. An overview about our services and the advantages of a membership can be found here.

BVL International is aware that the membership fees need to be in line with the purchasing power of the country in question and has therefore developed a differentiated fee structure for members outside Germany. You can choose between a Corporate Membership and a Personal Membership. In the case of corporate membership, you name so-called Contact Persons depending on the company size. These are our contacts in your company who benefit from the entire membership service.

As a non-profit association in Germany, the rates are minimum contributions. You are also welcome to make a personal contribution, which will be invested in the association's work according to German law. The annual contribution for personal members is tax-deductible in Germany.

Articles of Association (PDF) >>                Code of Conduct (PDF) >>

Corporate Membership

To become a corporate member and get more details, please open the respective membership application:

Corporate membership Bahrain (PDF) >> Corporate membership Brazil (PDF) >>
Corporate membership China (PDF) >> Corporate membership EU (PDF) >>
Corporate membership India (PDF) >> Corporate membership Korea (PDF) >>
Corporate membership Russia (PDF) >> Corporate membership Singapore (PDF) >>
Corporate membership Switzerland (PDF) >> Corporate membership Turkey (PDF) >>
Corporate membership UAE (PDF) >> Corporate membership USA (PDF) >>
Corporate membership (all other countries except those mentioned above) >>

Personal Membership

To become a personal member (including students) and get more details, please open the respective membership application:

Personal membership Bahrain (PDF) >> Personal membership Brazil (PDF) >>
Personal membership China (PDF) >> Personal membership EU (PDF) >>
Personal membership India (PDF) >> Personal membership Korea (PDF) >>
Personal membership Russia (PDF) >> Personal membership Singapore (PDF) >>
Personal membership Switzerland (PDF) >> Personal membership Turkey (PDF) >>
Personal membership UAE (PDF) >> Personal membership USA (PDF) >>
Personal membership (all countries except those mentioned above) or Guest membership >>


Curtis Domberg
Member Service International Relations
P: +49/421/173 84 28





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