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The network of BVL begins at the doorstep of our members - in our regional groups and international chapters with more than 300 events every year. These meetings support the exchange of experience and knowledge, help to recognize and evaluate market trends easier and support our members to make personal and professional contacts.

Become part of the BVL network and get to know our services for logistics managers and the advantages of a membership:

  • International expert network with more than 11,000 professionals from logistics and supply chain management
  • More than 30 regional groups and international chapters which enable a free participation in more than 300 regional events, including international chapters in Brazil, China, Luxembourg, Poland, Russia, Singapore, Turkey and the USA
  • Discounts for supraregional events and conferences of the BVL (e.g. International Supply Chain Conference in Berlin, Forum Automotive Logistics or International Scientific Symposium on Logistics)
  • Subscription of the LOG.Mail (weekly), the LOG.Letter (10 issues / year) and the BVL magazine (quarterly) in German language as well as the LOG.Letter International (quarterly) in English language
  • Online access to the myBVL member area, the BVL Kiosk smartphone app and the BVL Cloud
  • Discounts for attending seminars and courses at the BVL Campus
  • Discounts for studies and publications of BVL in DVZ Shop
  • Online platform for theses, internships and vocational training

Exclusive for new corporate members:

  • Company presentation in a short portrait on our website (you will be able to register a non-commercial portrait with your access data to myBVL after your registration)
  • New members of the company are listed in the LOG.Mail newsletter in the month of accession
  • Active stimulation and further development of logistical topics and questions within the scope of participation in working groups
  • Free of charge copy of BVL studies

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Katja Wiedemann
Head of
Member Service
P: +49/421/173 84 26





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