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The Global Supply Chain Network

The mission of nonprofit BVL International founded in 1978 is to act as a neutral platform to promote an awareness for the importance of logistics and supply chain management in industry, science and the public sphere, to systematically document logistical problem definitions, to develop methods and processes to solve these problems on an interdisciplinary and sector-focused basis and to promote and continuously optimise the application of the relevant solutions.

Today, BVL has more than 11,000 members - companies and individuals from the worlds of industry, commerce, services and science who are actively involved in the business of logistics and supply chain management. BVL is a primarily honorary network of experts that sees its job as to support the exchange of knowledge ideas among members. At the same time, BVL consciously avoids representing corporate interests, does not act as a lobbyist and has no agenda in the political field.

The members and bodies of BVL possess the experience and expertise that enable them to identify new trends in the early stages - and then to develop and present tailored ideas and concepts to the key current and future players in industry, politics and science with the aim of addressing key issues, helping to promote opinion formation in general and the competitiveness of BVL's members in particular.

At the BVL Campus BVL offers lifelong learning in Economics and supply chain management: BVL Seminars and the German Foreign Trade and Logistics Academy (DAV) organise a wide range of modular seminars as well as courses and studies for every stage of the business career.

The members of the Board and Advisory Board of BVL are leading figures who represent a broad cross-section of logistics expertise in industry and research. BVL always has its finger on the pulse of the supply chain and logistics world, ensuring a constant flow of information on the latest trends and supplying a comprehensive range of expert knowledge that benefits each and every member.

The work and commitment of BVL's over 30 Chapters form the solid foundation of BVL Internationl. At over 160 events every year, the Chapters showcase real-world and "hands-on" supply chain strategies, concepts and solutions. They provide an excellent platform for establishing new - or building on existing - contacts where both members and guests can talk to each other one to one and find out about the events and services offered by BVL. In December 2008, BVL founded its first Chapter outside Germany in Shanghai. There are six international chapters so far.

The goal of the Research Council, a voluntary group of leading scientists and logistics experts, is to identify research deficits in the field of logistics vis-à-vis the public at large and to use the resulting insights as a basis for the development of important and necessary projects. The Research Council is not itself a research body but aims to initiate, support and review key research projects.

Future-oriented working groups and more than 30 active BVL Chapters ensure rapid knowledge transfer and facilitate personal contacts for those seeking in-depth information.

By organising and staging its own events, e.g. the International Supply Chain Conference, and by providing expert support and backup for trade fairs and exhibitions, BVL promotes a general awareness for the role of supply chain and logistics activities in the world of day-to-day business, commerce and society.

BVL promotes holistic and integrated concepts and attitudes in supply chain and logistics processes by presenting a number of highly coveted supply chain management awards for industry, science and the media.

Together with its media partner, the DVV Media Group publishing company, BVL offers its members a multi-tier communication concept comprising a weekly e-mail newsletter (LOG.Mail), a monthly print newsletter (LOG.Letter) and a magazine (LOG.Kompass).


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