• Nonprofit association founded in 1978, objective, non-affiliated, does not represent special interests
• More than 11,000 members from the top echelons of industry, trade, services and the world of academia
• 28 Chapters in Germany
• 23 Student Chapters in Germany
• 300 free events every year
• 10 international Chapters: Beijing, Hefei, Istanbul, Katowice, Luxembourg, Moscow, São Paulo, Shanghai, Singapore and US Southeast
• 19 BVL Representatives around the world
• Around 250 honorary officials
• Exchange of expertise and experience
• Raises awareness for the importance of logistics and promotes the application and development of supply chain activities


• Events –regional and national, free and fee-based events to spread knowledge and promote networking
• Services – publications, research, platforms for know-how transfer and building personal networks
• Campus – hands-on knowledge for hands-on solutions, international business and logistics, lifelong learning
• Awards – recognition for innovative and inspirational ideas for logistics activities in industry, science and the media


BVL members …

• have access to updated knowledge bases:
  • market expertise
  • facts and figures
  • know-how and experience
• are able to identify and evaluate trends more easily
• can assess their standing in the competitive arena
• have the chance to meet other participants from both sides of the market
• can continuously expand their personal network

Preface by BVL's President
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Raimund Klinkner

"The feedback from our members and partners underlines the importance of interaction and exchange in the network for their day-to-day work in their companies. This means that BVL is serving its purpose as an expert network and a communication hub for the people engaged in supply chain management and logistics."
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