US Presidential Elections 2016

How do BVL members expect the policy of Donald Trump to affect their business?

On November 8, 2016 US citizens elected Donald Trump for their next president. He as well as his competitor Hillary Clinton positioned themselves against the international division of labour and against free trade - a philosophy which people in Logistis and Supply Chain Management cannot easily accept. BVL Office asked BVL members doing business in or with the US what they expect how the results of the election will affect their business. 
(This page will be updated whenever new statements come in.)

A BVL Representative from the US said: "It’s still a big shock which everyone is trying to get over. The situation can almost be compared to the political gain from the AfD in Germany and the Brexit after the EU Referendum in the UK. It’s not too surprising considering Clinton hasn’t been a popular figure recently in the US. From an economical perspective, it’s still too early to tell whether the outcome will have a negative effect. The campaign slogan “Make America Great Again” is also vague as the US economy had been recently doing well."

This is what Moe Ergin thinks, BVL Representative in Chicago: "The election result is still fresh so it’s difficult to say if it will have an immediate economical effect. Of course the media has played a big role in terms of swaying public opinion. Trump just like Obama will need time to deliver his promises, but a termination of NAFTA and breakdown in US-EU trade deals are alarming possibilities to the countries concerned in the years to come; the free flow of our clients’ goods could also be affected as a result. Our biggest fear as a German company in the US which strives on having a multinational workflow is the proposed restriction on migrant workers wishing to work in the country and concentrating on giving jobs to local Americans."

And this is the opinion of Steven Markham, BVL Chapter Chairperson US Southeast: "At the moment I don’t expect too much to change. A lot of the press and media coverage has been blown out of proportion. For the past 20 years key US politicians have had to go through a lot of media rejection. Trump cannot deliver his promises alone so it will be interesting to see how much backing he receives on his policies from his party. Transatlantic trade will probably not be affected that much. The focus is more likely to target Asia-Pacific and US-Mexican trade policies."

Peter Halpaus, BVL Representative in Atlanta, thinks: "It is what is! At the end of the day, the people have decided: that’s democracy! We have to make the most of the situation. As for Trump, he is a chameleon with both good and bad sides: if he wants to he can be a Merkel or he can be a Putin. You never really know which face he is going to reveal. Businesswise, it’s too early to tell. However, Trump is profit orientated which is good for optimism and positivity in the country. He will have qualified people who will look over and back his decisions. Despite all of the negativity, he is not a hard-core Republican. In the end it came down to two 70 year old unqualified presidential candidates both of which aren’t too popular in the eyes of the public. Voting either way seemed like a bad choice."


Anja Stubbe
Senior Project Manager
Corporate Communications
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