Research with BVL International

In our statutes, our mission is defined as follows:

  • To create an understanding of logistics in industry, science and the public arena
  • To systematically document problems in the field of logistics
  • To develop interdisciplinary and sector-focused methods and processes to solve these problems
  • To promote the application of suitable solutions and optimise these solutions on an ongoing basis BVL has developed a purpose-designed strategy to fulfil this mission in the field of science and research.

Studies/Surveys and the Literature Series

  • The trend studies conducted at regular intervals in cooperation with recognised partners are a key source of information for the prediction of future developments in logistics. The most recent trend study was presented at the German Logistics Congress in October 2005.
  • BVL publishes the survey "The Top 100 in the Logistics Sector" together with the DVZ journal (Deutsche Logistik-Zeitung).
  • The findings of the working groups are published in the BVL literature series (German language).

The Scientific Advisory Board


  • To consolidate the status of logistics as an independent knowledge discipline
  • To identify relevant logistics themes and issues in society, politics and industry both in Germany and through Europe and to define areas where action is needed
  • To initiate research projects and build up an interdisciplinary network of researchers and scientists.


  • To represent the interests of BVL vis-à-vis all relevant funding providers in the German federal ministries as well as on the international stage.
  • To advise on the implementation and quality assurance of research projects.
  • To develop strategies for the effective transfer of research findings and to co-develop the overall concept for the Scientific Symposium of BVL. The Committee cooperates closely with the Promotion Council of BVL to promote research for SMEs.

In June 2010, the Scientific Advisory Board published a cornerstone paper on the status of logistics as a scientific discipline.


Dr. Christian Grotemeier
Research and Events
P: +49/421/173 84 10






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