Think different – Act digital

Think different, Act digital: this means seeing digitalization not as a technological concept but as an intelligent driver of change – and putting digitalization into practice in the day-to-day operations of companies. This is the theme that BVL chose for the year 2017.

Helping people find their bearings in a digital world

BVL published three key documents that provided its members and the public at large with a holistic resource that helps them to find their bearings in an era of digitalization. First, there was the position paper of the Scientific Advisory Board, followed by a practice-focused position paper authored by the BVL Board and the whitepaper entitled "Impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on Supply Chains", compiled in cooperation with the World Economic Forum.

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Demands in five key policy areas

In an open letter to the members of the German Bundestag parliament, BVL outlined five fields of action that are of decisive importance for the logistics sector – namely transport infrastructure, digital infrastructure, urban logistics, qualification and the duration of public planning procedures. Around 300 logistics experts lent their names in support of the letter.

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Urban logistics

BVL develops ideas for strategies to improve logistics in the inner cities. It set up the Urban Logistics focus group on March 22, and the July issue of BVL Magazin focused on the dilemma of city logistics, a topic that also played a central role at the International Supply Chain Conference. These activities were rounded off by the association's participation in the Urban Logistics Convention in November in Amsterdam.

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Marshall Plan with Africa

The "Marshall Plan" of the German government is geared towards a fundamental reorientation of development cooperation with the countries of Africa and encompasses all key areas of the economy and education – such as infrastructure, the transport and logistics industry, and the educational system. BVL supports the various initiatives.

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The German Foreign Trade and Commerce Academy and the Seminars unit of BVL provide their students and course participants with innovative qualification routes, such as a dual Business Management and Bachelor degree as well as the modular Compact Study Course in Logistics.

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