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Changes on the Scientific Advisory Board

Prof. Werner Delfmann and Prof. Raimund Klinkner

Prof. Werner Delfmann and Prof. Raimund Klinkner

Handover at the helm of the Scientific Advisory Board, restructuring of the body itself, and a large number of projects reviewed by the Research Council – the scientific and research experts at BVL can look back on an eventful year.

Prof. Kai Furmans, Director of the Institute for Material Handling and Logistics at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, was appointed the new Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board of BVL in May. He succeeds Prof. Werner Delfmann, who held this office since mid-2008. The Vice-Chairs of the now 24-member body are Prof. Ludger Overmeyer, Director of the Institute for Transport and Automation Technology at Hannover University, and Prof. Stefan Minner, Chair of Logistics and Supply Chain Management at the Technische Universität München. The following members were newly appointed to the Scientific Advisory Board in 2017: Prof. Thomas Bauernhansl, Prof. Alexander Eisenkopf, Prof. Ralf Elbert, Prof. Johannes Fottner, Prof. Michael Freitag, Prof. Bernd Hellingrath, Prof. Kai Hoberg, Prof. Anne Lange, Prof. Ulrich Thonemann, Prof. Carl Marcus Wallenburg and Prof. Hartmut Zadek. Prof. Klaus Turowski and Prof. Evi Hartmann took leave of their posts on the Board.

Prof. Werner Delfmann, departing Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board, was named an honorary lifetime member. The former Director of the Department of Business Policy and Logistics at Cologne University, was appointed head of the Scientific Advisory Board in 2008. Prof. Raimund Klinkner, BVL President, underlined the integrative drive of Delfmann, who brought logistic scientists from all disciplines together around the table to talk to each other. The outcomes of his work included two interdisciplinary position papers on the basic understanding of logistics as a scientific discipline and on central research questions in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The Scientific Advisory Board came together for two meetings in 2017 – in Munich in May and in Berlin in October. Alongside the content of BVL activities, the focus was on the repositioning of the scientific publication "Logistics Research". The new Chairman of the Editorial Board is Prof. Herbert Kotzab, and Prof. Bernd Hellingrath was newly appointed to the Board. In 2017, the text content was made available using the Open Access method, but can now be accessed via the BVL website. Professors Kai Furmans, Michael Schenk, René de Koster, Stefan Minner and Bernd Hellingrath are currently involved in the preparations for the International Scientific Symposium on Logistics (ISSL), which will take place in Magdeburg on June 13 and 14, 2018.

Prof. Kai Furmans

Prof. Kai Furmans

Research Council

The BVL Research Council headed by Dr. Christian Jacobi held three meetings in 2017 and reviewed 30 short applications for research projects within the context of the Industrial Collective Research (IGF). 28 long applications for research funding were forwarded to the German Federation of Industrial Research Associations (AiF). 29 projects with a total volume of 7.1 million euros are currently ongoing; further projects are scheduled to commence in 2018.


Poster-session "Science" at the 34th Supply Chain Conference

The Research Promotion unit was also present at the 34th International Supply Chain Conference with a poster session – and suggested the idea of a project pitch at the conference in the coming year. The body currently has 16 members, with Dirk Wettlaufer (Albrecht Jung GmbH) being newly appointed in 2017. Prof. Frank Czaja (ProLoCon) left the body after ten years and was presented with the badge of honour of BVL for his service.