Press and PR activities

Focus on digital media

The work of the PR team revolved around the social media strategy of the association and the relaunch of the website The aim is to present and share relevant, high-quality content through multimedia channels with high frequency.

The new BVL website went live on November 6 at with a fresh layout, an improved structure and optimised readability for all user devices. The structure of the website has been totally overhauled, and all the bodies and institutions of BVL now have a new "home" in the new "Association" section. The full programme of events  is now in one and the same place, alongside service elements such as publications, research promotion or the dossiers on topical issues. The new press section features not only reports and photos but also videos and downloads as well as a newsroom containing BVL's news posts on social media like the blog, Facebook or Twitter. All the content is now visible throughout the entire website, including content that is only available to members. In order to access member-only content or open the corresponding files, members must log in with their BVL membership number and password. The myBVL section now also contains tools for the work of the BVL Chapter Chairs.

BVL has also overhauled its social media strategy. While the association shares almost only specialised and internal content on Xing and LinkedIn, it also uses Twitter and Facebook as "image-building" channels. A mix of relevant topics and entertaining posts on logistics together with personal insights into the world of BVL proved highly successful even during this early implementation phase of the strategy – despite several algorithm changes on the platforms in favour of paid advertising. On the Facebook page "BVL Office", the number of "Likes" has increased from the January figure of 2,966 to 3,425 (as of November 9, 2017) parallel to the steady growth in the number of visitors. The BVL Twitter account currently has 2,564 followers (as of Nov 8, 2017). Both pages for the International Supply Chain Conference have recorded similar positive growth.

Press and Corporate Publishing

In 2017, BVL held two press conferences in Berlin. The first one took place at the Federal Press Conference Centre in April to mark the 10th Supply Chain Day, while the second one was for the opening of the 34th International Supply Chain Conference in October. Around 180 representatives of the media were given accreditation for the conference and were supported in their work by the PR team of BVL on site. The association issued just under 40 press releases during the course of the year to inform journalists about its core activities, including BVL Campus and Supply Chain Day. The press office answered questions, supplied guest articles and arranged meetings with experts for background information and interviews.

The four issues of BVL Magazin looked at the road into the digital dimension, the future of globalisation, solution approaches for urban logistics, and the content of the 34th International Supply Chain Conference. In addition, members were sent ten issues of LOG.Letter, a special issue of LOG.Letter as a supplement to the Letter from the Board in January, four English-language LOG.Letters on the Internet in PDF format, 50 regular LOG.Mails and six special issues of this electronic newsletter. The PR team coordinated the "Image of Logistics" focus group and, after the start-up phase, handed over responsibility for the "Urban Logistics" focus group to the Content/Knowledge/Research team. A further focal point of activities was human resources, with a survey on the skill shortage and involvement in the drafting of the "Personnel Work" guideline.