Image and Human Resources

The soft factors "image" and "human resources"

The image of the logistics sector and the challenges in the personnel field are closely interconnected. The "Image of Logistics" focus group is also organising activities and preparing publications that tackle the issue of HR.

The members of the focus group met up three times in 2017 – at Wiley-VCH in Weinheim, at Imperial Logistics in Duisburg, and at Axit in Frankenthal. The skill shortage is currently one of the central topics on the agenda of the group, as personnel work in the logistics field is becoming increasingly challenging. Occupational profiles are changing, and it is more and more difficult to find and recruit good specialists and management personnel. HR and PR experts see the image of logistics as one of the reasons for this shortage. This means it is important to boost this image and interest people in a career in transport, logistics and supply chain management, and this is why the working group of the focus group has developed and published a corresponding guideline. The guideline is designed to support the work of personnel officers and is available for download by all interested parties at Readers will learn how strategic personnel activities can make their lives easier. The content is designed to help them find their bearings and uses concrete examples to encourage them to address this issue creatively and constructively.

The focus group raised awareness for the issue of "image" with an information stand in the foyer of the Hotel InterContinental at the 34th International Supply Chain Conference. Attendees had the opportunity to have their picture taken as a "logistics hero" in front of a photo wall, and postcards provided information on free downloadable guidelines and options for becoming involved in the focus group. Next to this was a large screen with a "social wall" on the topic of logistics as well as video selfies of people describing why they love their job in logistics. The stand, which also supplied information on Supply Chain Day 2018, was "hosted" by Pepper the robot.

Strong brands underpin a strong image

Second round of the expert vote on the "Best Logistics Brand", jointly organised by the special-interest magazine "Logistik heute" and BVL: on the evening before Supply Chain Day, 34 strong brands were ranked in first to third place in a total of eleven categories. "Strong brands also help to increase acceptance levels for logistics among the public at large", emphasised Prof. Thomas Wimmer, Chairman of the Executive Board of BVL. The categories chosen for 2017 cover many wide-ranging areas of logistics – from intralogistics and information technology, through transporters and trailers, to logistics services as well as seaports and maritime shipping companies. The voting process took place between December 2016 and February 2017 and determined the brands that are most highly favoured by supply chain managers and logistics experts in the German-speaking region of Europe. Participants had the chance to vote on the brands that achieve the highest turnover in Germany and are relevant to the national market. The candidates were nominated by an independent committee headed by Prof. Christian Kille, a logistics expert at the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt. The next "expert vote" will be held in 2018/2019.