Wide range of formats

For many years now, the BVL network has thrived on personal exchange and interaction. The corona pandemic has seriously curtailed the activities of our vibrant network – but the Chapter Chairs and the Member Services team have come up with some innovative solutions.

The Chapter Management Meeting, where the Chapter Chairs come together each year to talk about their activities and plan future projects, took place as a “townhall meeting” during the fifth week of the first lockdown on April 24, 2020. The basic message can be summarised as follows: “We can and must become more digital – if we haven’t already done so anyway in recent weeks. We will communicate in new ways instead of travelling. We will learn and work differently because we can use the full range of digital options. We will add further digital services to the existing activities of the association. We will continue to “generate value added” through the work we do within our network.”

The Chapters continued to work along these lines during the further course of the year and staged a total of 150 events for members in Germany and abroad. 44 of these were in-person events that took place before the lockdown or were held in the short time window that was available in the summer. Here are three interesting examples of such events:

Examples: wide range of events

The Young Professionals network invited members to a virtual meeting on the topic “Today’s SC planning is yesterday’s news! Or perhaps not?”, organised by Franziska Grafe. In his presentation Martin Pesch, Managing Director of consulting firm Aflexio, spoke about supply chain management in times of corona. He said that the severity with which the crisis is affecting companies, supply chains and therefore supply chain management is in no way comparable with that of past economic crises in a whole number of ways.

If an in-person event is not possible, then we’ll organise a virtual event via our hub – that was the idea of the team at Nox Nachtexpress. During the event entitled “Nox Backstage – the future of logistics is during the night” staged by the Hamburg Chapter, Dominic Kampmann, head of the Glinde office, gave the participants a video tour of the location. Jörg Arnskötter, General Manager Regional Sales, joined in by phone after the tour.

During a virtual event entitled “Post-Corona Normalcy – Robust Supply Chains with China”, the Rhine Chapter elected a new team of Chapter Chairs. Uwe Peters, Managing Director of BVL, thanked the departing Chairs for their exceptional honorary work. One advantage of online events is that it makes it possible to invite guest speakers from all over the world. Rainer Schmitz, Vice President at 4flow, took part on a live feed from Shanghai, for example. He reported on his experiences with the corona crisis in China and shared his opinions on the things that will be important in the future in the endeavour to create resilient supply chains with China – because Schmitz is confident that China will remain a key trading partner for Germany.

In 2020 BVL presented the badge of honour to five Chapter Chairs in recognition of their long-time honorary efforts:

  • Frank Haberkorn, Southern Westphalia Chapter
  • Andres Oy, Eastern Bavaria Chapter
  • Bernhard Strömich, Saar/Rhineland-Palatinate Chapter
  • Dr.-Ing. Frank Thomas, Southwestern Saxony/Upper Franconia Chapter
  • Eckhard Uebach, Southern Westphalia Chapter
The international network, specifically Prof. Fang, supplied the BVL office with masks in spring.

The international network, specifically Prof. Fang, supplied the BVL office with masks in spring.