35th International Supply Chain Conference

The theme for the 35th International Supply Chain Conference in October was "Digitalization Meets Reality", and the event attracted 3,539 participants. The Gala Evening of the conference was also the 40th birthday party of BVL.


Awards presented by BVL

The German Award for SCM 2018 went to Komsa Kommunikation Sachsen AG. The winner of the Supply Chain Sustainability Award presented jointly by the BVL associations in Austria and Germany was corporate start-up Pakadoo. The Science Award for SCM went to Dr.-Ing. Eva Klenk. Locom won the Hackathon, and 44 future logistics managers were presented with the Thesis Award.


Sector, theme and special-topic forums

The forum schedule for 2018 included the Forum Automotive Logistics in Frankfurt together with the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA), the Forum Chemical Logistics in Antwerp, and the Forum Spare Parts Logistics in Nuremberg as well as special-topic forums during trade fairs in Germany and abroad.

Forum Automotive Logistics>>>

Forum Chemical Logistics and Forum Spare Parts Logistics>>>

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Supply Chain Day | Vitamin BVL

The eleventh day of action of the logistics sector took place on April 19, when around 340 events in Germany and 23 other countries attracted roughly 35,000 visitors. In total, some 640 companies, organisations and educational establishments took part in this special day. Vitamin BVL was created as a new service to help potential employees and companies to find each other.


Science and research

The Scientific Advisory Board invited experts to the ninth International Scientific Symposium on Logistics, which took place in Magdeburg in 2018. The Research Council reviewed 29 short applications for research projects and forwarded 27 long applications for funding to the German Federation of Industrial Research Associations (AiF).

Science Award for Supply Chain Management and Thesis Award>>>

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Press and PR activities

The focal points of the unit's activities were press releases, social media and the relaunch of the association's corporate design.


From the Chapters

In total, the Chapters in Germany and around the world staged some 320 events in 2018. The range of topics is diverse and the formats of the events extremely varied; they provide attendees with a wide range of options to obtain information and interact with each other.