New Chairman of the Board

Gratitude and recognition for Raimund Klinkner

Taking leave with the badge of honour in gold and the status of Lifetime Honorary President: longstanding BVL President Prof. Raimund Klinkner will be handing over his role at the helm of the association to his elected successor Prof. Robert Blackburn at the beginning of 2018.

On November 23, 2017 the BVL Board came together in Dortmund for its annual strategy meeting. As BVL President, Prof. Raimund Klinkner also put the item “Elections” on the agenda. Following his proposal, the Board unanimously elected Prof. Dr. Robert Blackburn as the new BVL President. Blackburn accepted his election to this position and will take over at the helm of BVL on January 1, 2018.

Prof. Raimund Klinkner is leaving his post as BVL President. His designated successor Prof. Robert Blackburn (bottom left) presented him with the certificate of honour.

Prof. Raimund Klinkner is leaving his post as BVL President. His designated successor Prof. Robert Blackburn (bottom left) presented him with the certificate of honour.

“Change when things are going well” is the credo of Raimund Klinkner, who has served the association in the honorary position of President for eleven years. “BVL is extremely well positioned, the year 2017 and the 34th International Supply Chain Conference were particularly successful – and both the result of a superb team effort. The time has now come for the handover at the end of my fourth term in office in accordance with the statutes. We are heading for a double anniversary, and this is something my successor will be able to shape and organise from the very beginning.” BVL is celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2018, and the International Supply Chain Conference will be taking place for the 35th time. Robert Blackburn thanked Raimund Klinkner most warmly for his outstanding service in the interests of BVL. In response to the motion put forward by Blackburn, the Board awarded Klinkner the badge of honour of BVL in gold and named him Lifetime Honorary President.

Raimund Klinkner, Chairman of the Supervisory Board at DMG Mori AG in Bielefeld, member of the Board of Directors of the Terex Corporation in Westport Connecticut, USA, member of the Advisory Board of ebm pabst Mulfingen GmbH & Co. KG and founder and Managing Partner of the IMX Institute for Manufacturing Excellence GmbH in Martinsried, was elected BVL President in May 2007 as successor to Prof. Dr. Peer Witten. In addition to the 24th to the 34th International Supply Chain Conferences, his term in office also saw the launch of Supply Chain Day (2008), of the Forum Automotive Logistics together with the Association of the German Automotive Industry (VDA), and of the Forum Chemical Logistics (both 2013). Klinkner pushed ahead with the internationalisation of BVL, made digitalization one of the focal points of BVL activities from 2012 onwards, and established the Logistics Indicator as a seismograph for the logistics sector.

The 2014 whitepaper entitled “Sustainable Connections” sent a signal to policymakers, as did the open letter of October 25, 2017 to the members of the German Bundestag parliament. Without departing from the objective stance always adopted by the association, both documents formulated political demands relating to fields of action that are of central importance for the proper functioning of the logistics sector. During Klinkner’s term in office, the number of BVL members increased from 7,887 to 11,136. “The years on the Board and at the helm of BVL were very demanding, because this honorary office requires a great deal of effort, in terms of strategy, content and time. What is equally true is that working together with the committed 
logistics experts and supply chain managers who are organised in BVL benefitted me endlessly, in both professional and personal terms. And this is something I am extremely grateful for”, said Klinkner during the Board meeting.

His successor Robert Blackburn, Member of Multiple Boards & interim CEO based in Munich, spent ten years at BASF SE until the end of 2016 – most recently as President of Supply Chain Operations & Information Services. Before joining BASF,  Blackburn held various management positions at IBM. Blackburn has been a member of the BVL Board since 2011 and was appointed Vice-Chairman of the Board in 2016. “I would like to thank the BVL Board for electing me to serve as President and placing their trust in me to perform this important honorary function. And I would like to thank Raimund Klinkner for leaving a wellordered house as the year draws to a close. I have a great deal of respect for the task I am taking on, and I look forward to guiding the fortunes of our association in years to come. The anniversary year 2018 will be the first major challenge”, said Blackburn following his election.