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At the end of 2020, BVL had 10,872 members. The cross-sector international network of experts, the many opportunities to become actively involved, the events, and the content prepared and made available by BVL in a wide range of formats are among the key reasons people become members.


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Advisory Board

The members of the Advisory Board are appointed by the BVL Board and, as the name implies, act in an advisory capacity. The make-up of the Advisory Board is as diverse as possible and its members are from the top tiers of industry, politics and society.


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Chapter Chairs

The Chapter Chairs perform a wide range of honorary activities in their respective regions and provide a platform for the cross-sector exchange of ideas. Their most important task is to plan and stage regional events.

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Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board supports BVL in identifying the key logistics issues in society, politics
and industry from the perspective of science and research, and helps the association to address
these issues and define areas where action is needed.

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Research Council

The Research Council is made up of practitioners with an academic interest who serve on this body in
an honorary capacity. It initiates, supervises and assesses projects in the area of research for SMEs.

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Head office

The head office of BVL in Bremen maintains contact with personal members, companies and federations,
academia, the world of politics and the media. From its base in northern Germany, it supports
the wide-ranging activities of the Chapters in Germany and abroad. The team at head office plans and
organises the major events such as the International Supply Chain Conference and the sector and theme
forums. Supply Chain Day is based on an initiative of BVL and is also coordinated by head office.

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