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You are logistician and also know colleagues who are not yet BVL members? There are young professionals in your company who are not yet familiar with us? You are a student and would like to introduce our network to your classmates at university?

Then recommend us! For every new company membership or personal membership (professionals, young professionals, students or simply friends of logistics) we would like to thank you with a little present.

BVL Student Package

The little set for the university contains a writing pad, a pen, an eraser, a smart phone case, a luggage belt and a keychain with bottle opener, all packed together in a practical BVL bag.

[Order No. BVL-MGS-001]

BVL Business Traveller Package

The little set for the business traveller contains an isolated coffee-to-go mug, a Speed-Strap luggage belt and a keychain “Networker”, all packed together in a practical BVL bag.

[Order No. BVL-MGS-002]

Book „Das Beste der Logistik“ [German Language]

Published by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Helmut Baumgarten in cooperation with BVL.

[Order No. BVL-MGS-003] Not available for recommended memberships with reduced fees.

Simply select a gift from the list above and send the number together with the name of the new member to BVL member service. Once the application for membership has been successfully processed and the annual contribution has been paid, you will receive your gift by mail.

Please note that bonuses can not be issued for non-contributory memberships. All gifts as long as stocks last.


Katja Wiedemann
Head of
Member Service
P: +49/421/173 84 26





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