Membership Fee Invoice and Cancellation of Membership

Membership Fee and Invoice

According to our Articles of Association, the membership fee represents an annual contribution for the current calendar year. Regardless of whether the application takes place in January or, for example, in July, the annual contribution is to be paid in full. A proportionate monthly payment is not possible. This was decided by the General Assembly as an executive organ of BVL and is documented in our Articles of Association.

With your registration, you benefit immediately from the numerous advantages of the BVL membership. For example, the participation fee for our events, such as the International Supply Chain Conference in Berlin, can be reduced by up to EUR 200, which has already paid off a personal membership fee.

>> Articles of Association (PDF, German)
>> Code of Conduct (PDF, German)

Cancellation of Membership

According to our Articles of Association, notice of membership cancellation must be submitted in writing to the office no later than six weeks before the end of the year. By the cancellation in due time, the membership is terminated as of December 31st of the current year.

Please note that student membership does not end with the completion of your studies. For this purpose a written notice is necessary, which is to be addressed to our office.

We ask for your understanding that we will not be able to accept cancellations which are received after expiry of the cancellation period or which are declared after the receipt of the annual membership fee invoice.


Cornelia Pintat
Member Service
P: +49/421/173 84 15





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