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For a number of years now, BVL has been organising highly respected supply chain events with international partners in places like Budapest, Bratislava, Moscow, Dubai, Shanghai, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Strong alliances have also been formed within the framework of the European Logistics Association (ELA), with LOGY in Finland, for example, and CEL-Logistica in Spain. Moreover, every October, supply chain managers from more than 40 countries, come together in Berlin for the annual International Supply Chain Conference.

BVL Chapters

The first international BVL chapter was founded in Shanghai in 2008, followed in 2010 by a second Chinese chapter in Beijing. There are meanwhile 10 BVL chapters outside Germany providing a local platform for the exchange of experience between international supply chain managers, for the discussion of innovative concepts and solutions and for personal and professional networking. Participation in the forums, presentations and company tours is free of charge.

The members of BVL form an open, active and international network offering access to the latest logistics insights and personal and professional benefits for all those who play an active role.

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BVL Representatives

BVL Representatives are individuals who have close connections to BVL based either on their studies at BVL Campus or their longstanding BVL membership. Thanks to their career efforts, they are currently in positions of responsibility in foreign countries and represent BVL on local level as time allows. Please feel free to establish contact with the BVL Representatives if you are employed in the country in question and could imagine working together with BVL.

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Curtis Domberg
Member Service International Relations
P: +49/421/173 84 28

The English Quarterly
34th International Supply Chain Conference 25th-27th October 2017

The 34th International Supply Chain Conference takes place from 25. - 27. October 2017 in Berlin. Among the first confirmed speakers are Frank Appel (CEO Deutsche Post) and Prof. Klaus-Michael Kühne (Kühne + Nagel); the first confirmed session topics include logistics and machine learning, electric mobility, omnichannel logistics and blockchain.

"Think different - Act digital" - Click here for the programme preview





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