International Reports

Presenting the BVL

Turkey During the presentation of certificates to the graduates of the first semester of the "International Logistics Management Distance Education Certificate Program", Altay Onur, BVL representative in Turkey (right), informed the 25 participants about certificate programs for the logistics sector in Germany and the work of BVL. The International Logistics Management Distance Education Certificate Program is conducted in cooperation with The World Conference on Transport Research Society (WCTRS), the Istanbul Technical University (ITU) and the International Transport Association (UND) to train logistics experts and future visionaries. 

Exchange Across Several Latitudes

International On September 17, BVL Chairpersons connected with representatives of the BVL office for a mutual exchange via teams - organized by Katja Wiedemann, contact person for the speakers of the national and international regional groups. Due to the different time zones, there were two appointments for this - in the morning and in the early afternoon. Christoph Meier, Managing Director of BVL and Project Manager of the International Supply Chain Conference, brought the chairpersons up to date on the preparations for the congress and also reminded them once again that those who could not come to Berlin due to travel restrictions, for example, have the opportunity to be there digitally. Because, of course, Corona restrictions were a topic at the meet-up and it was interesting to hear what the rules are in different parts of the world - from Canada to Singapore.

For the mutual exchange about the work in the international chapters, Mirko Nowak, speaker of the Chapter Russia, had prepared a presentation and introduced the activities of his chapter to the interested audience. Also for the future meetings it is planned that one chapter at a time will shed more light on its work. The fact that the Chapter Russia was the first to do so shortly before the Congress was a good coincidence - the Chapter is celebrating its 10th anniversary this fall. It was founded on October 18, 2011, during the International Supply Chain Conference.

All over the world 2011 was a productive year as far as BVL's internationalization is concerned: no less than four new international chapters were founded. In addition to Russia, Singapore, Brazil and Turkey were also founded. Currently there are eleven international chapters, plus 14 representatives. Members of the BVL can now find a contact person in almost every part of the world who can help them with many questions. And not only in professional matters. The local experts are also happy to answer private questions such as "How do I register my child at school in another country?" or "What kind of documents do I need? Another added value of the worldwide BVL network that should not be underestimated.